About International Arbitration Supper Club

What is the International Arbitration Supper Club?

The International Arbitration Supper Club (“IASC”) is a private network of international arbitration practitioners that meets over dinner, colloquially called “supper” to reflect the informal and social nature of these occasions. The IASC was founded in 2014 by Adrian Lifely (formerly of Osborne Clarke LLP, now with ADR Lifely).‘ It started in London and subsequently IASC dinners have been arranged in many other cities including Dubai, Moscow, New York and Tel Aviv.

What is the purpose of the IASC?

The purpose of the IASC is to provide opportunities for like-minded international arbitration practitioners to meet, discuss topics of mutual interest and build professional relationships. The IASC is different from the other networks which exist. Discussions tend to focus on the business and practical aspects of arbitration practice as opposed to arbitration law which is already well catered for by existing arbitration conferences, seminars, etc. Also, with a small gathering, a convivial atmosphere and operating under the Chatham House Rule, the IASC is a forum for participants to speak openly about the issues concerning International Arbitration that matter most to them.


Each IASC event is hosted by a law firm, either in their offices or at a restaurant in a private room. The format consists of cocktails on arrival at 6.30-7 pm, followed by a “sit-down” dinner that usually ends at about 10-10.30 pm. During the dinner a speaker or speakers invited by the host firm will lead a round- table discussion about an arbitration-related topic. This discussion is preceded by a short presentation by the speaker(s) or a debate, as a means of airing some of the issues and opinions. The objective is to have a worthwhile discussion but at the same time for the occasion to be fun. Speakers therefore tend to combine serious commentary with humour and often provocative remarks, as a means of entertaining and stimulating a lively discussion around the table. Experience has shown that the format works best when the round-table discussion lasts for about an hour.


To preserve the character and ensure the continued success of the IASC, participants are requested to observe the following simple rules:

  1. Events shall be organised by the host law firm in consultation with Adrian Lifely, with the host firm responsible for the venue, catering, invitations and the dinner discussion.
  2. In relation to attendance at IASC events:
    • Attendance is by invitation only.
    • Attendees shall be persons involved in international arbitration – as counsel, experts, arbitrators, parties, academics or in some other substantial way. It is however expected that the majority of guests will be made up of practising International Arbitration counsel.
    • The host firm shall be permitted to have up to 4 representatives in attendance.
    • Further, by reason of hosting a supper or agreeing to host a supper, the host firm shall be entitled to have one person attend all future IASC events for a period of 3 years in the same city.
    • The target number of attendees shall be 20+.
    • Subject to these matters, the host firm shall determine who to invite to their event.
    • Guests who have accepted an invitation will use best endeavours to attend – last minute declines and “no shows” to be avoided therefore.
    • The dinner can be held in the host’s office or at a suitable outside venue like a private room in a restaurant.
    • The host firm shall not use the event to overtly advertise their practice.
  3. The host firm shall choose the speaker(s) and topic in liaison with Adrian Lifely (to make sure the topic is in line with IASC objectives and does not duplicate past topics). The speaker(s) can be member(s) of the host firm or external to that firm.
  4. All discussions are held under the Chatham House Rule which is explained in this link.

Information about IA Suppers

  • The following firms have previously hosted suppers in London – Past Events.
  • The following firms have already agreed to host future suppers – Next Event.

Future plans

IASC is expanding fast, in particular into new jurisdictions. If you are interested in hosting an IASC dinner in your jurisdiction, please contact Adrian Lifely at adrian@adrlifely.com or Artem Doudko at artem.doudko@osborneclarke.com

Get in touch

If you interested in hosting an IASC event or attending future events, please get in touch with Adrian Lifely at adrian@adrlifely.com or Artem Doudko at artem.doudko@osborneclarke.com 

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